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More Than Missing & Murdered

Trigger Warning: The content of this page will discuss our missing and murdered Indigenous relatives and the trauma that comes with those experiences. If you need to take break from reading, please do.


You matter. You are loved. You are not alone. 


"Art as Activism" Toolkit

This toolkit is meant to be an aid in how to use art to advocate in the MMIWG2S+ movement. It includes background knowledge, mindfulness in art as it relates to triggers, and self care tips while working in the movement.


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CNAY's ROS Fellowship

The Remembering Our Sisters Fellowship is a virtual storytelling and digital arts program that empowers young Indigenous women and femme-identifying leaders (ages 18-24) to raise awareness, to honor our sisters and families affected by the MMIWG2S+ epidemic, and to push for better policies that address this crisis.


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Shop Our Collection

By shopping our MMIWG2S+ designs, we are able to donate ALL profits back into the community to further uplift, heal, and unite.
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The Medicine Kid has been extremely dedicated to uplifting this movement

Donations have been made to...

  • Scholarships

  • Families

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Total Donated: $410.11 USD

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